About Kristen


Kristen Schroeder grew up in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. Some of her best childhood memories involve discovering a new favorite book or author at her local library. Books introduced her to other countries and worlds.

Kristen loves to travel and lived in Australia for 11 years. She returned to Minnesota with an Aussie husband, two children, and dual citizenship. She began writing for children in 2014 in between running a business and raising her kids.

Q & A:

Favorite books from my childhood: THE MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK by Jon Stone, NUTSHELL LIBRARY by Maurice Sendak, Richard Scarry books, my mother’s Nancy Drew books, Beverly Cleary’s MOUSE AND THE MOTORCYCLE series, Judy Blume’s books and too many Little Golden Books to list.

Favorite food: ice cream, more specifically, sour cherry gelato.

Favorite animal: dolphin

Favorite color: purple

Favorite sport: ice hockey (there were no girls’ hockey teams when I was growing up, so I started playing hockey five years ago for the first time.)

Fun Fact:

Kristen was selected to go inside a money blowing booth to grab as much money as she could in 30 seconds. It’s a lot harder than it looks. She came out with $17. Pro tip: trap the dollar bills against the wall, then shove it in your pockets or inside your clothes!

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